Kardashians Celebrate Christmas By Taking Pictures Of Themselves

We hope all of you had a great Christmas. Spending time with your family, watching Christmas movies, driving around looking at Christmas lights, baking cookies for Santa, renting out a photo booth and taking pictures of yourself all night.

Wait, did I lose you with that last one? Well, at least one family did that for Christmas Eve this year.

The Kardashians set up a little canopy of Christmas lights outside of Kris Jenner’s home, rented out a photo booth and just snapped photos all night long for their Instagram accounts.

View all of the glorious photos down below…









No one dresses like that at the Christmas parties I’ve attended. It’s also little weird that they decided to take photos the entire night. Aren’t they always complaining about cameras being in their face? About never getting any privacy?

And then they decide to post all these damn pictures on Instagram? That’s strange.