Miley Cyrus’ Full ‘Adore You’ Music Video Is Now Online, Complete With Awkward Finger Sucking

Right before Christmas, we shared you with a couple of teaser clips from Miley Cyrus’ new music video. In one of the clips, Miley Cyrus appeared to be pleasuring herself.

This got a lot of people interested in seeing the full music video. Well, now the full video is out on Youtube and the video is kind of disappointing, at least to me it is.

Based on the teaser clips, I was expecting to see Miley Cyrus at her craziest. I thought she would have people talking about this music video for weeks, but the full video is actually pretty damn boring. It’s kind of like Anchorman 2, all of the good parts were shown in the previews.

Click “read more” to watch the video…


How many of you didn’t even finish the video? It’s just so damn boring and the song is horrible. I know it seems like I am always “hating” on Miley Cyrus, but I am a very fair person.

If she came out with a song or a music video that I really liked, I’d shower her with compliments. However, it just seems like all of her sh-t is getting worse.

It all started with ‘Party In The U.S.A.’ she has never been the same since then. And you know what? I think Billy Ray is secretly upset about his daughter’s behavior.

You know what I think? I think he wants his Miley back.

Billy Ray Cyrus — I Want My Miley Back

Hannah Montana was really cool

Yeah, you were normal in middle school

I remember packing your lunch

Ham sandwich, chips and a cold fruit punch

An apple, cookies and a few breath mints too

And boy I miss being able to buy shampoo

Only one thing I miss more than that:

I want my Miley back


I want my Miley back

My Ol’ Smiley and a tickle attack

Your silly friends hangin’ around

Riding our Segways all over town

A long-haired Miley, that’s what I miss

A goodnight hug and a goodnight kiss

Things will never be the same again, that’s a fact

I want my Miley back!