Anne Hathaway Nearly Dies In Hawaii, Saved By Random Surfer (PHOTOS)

Anne Hathaway went down to Hawaii with her husband, Adam Shulman, to escape the cold weather, work on her tan and relax. But there wasn’t much relaxing going on the other day when the actress nearly drowned in the ocean.

She was out in the ocean by herself when she got caught in a rip current. The 31-year-old actress panicked and started screaming for help,


Thankfully, a surfer came to her rescue and helped her back to shore. After that, her husband took over and started to work on her toe that she injured while in the water,

Ah, yes! The “Kiss it and make it better” trick. I wish I had a girlfriend to use that on. My penis would be in constant pain.

Anyway, Hathaway fully recovered from the scary incident and was back to showing off her wonderful smile.

We’re glad she’s doing okay now! Stories like this are one of the reasons I am scared of going in the ocean. Combine that with the fact that I am not a great swimmer, I am pretty sure I’d die.

No surfer would be coming out to save my a**.