Ellen DeGeneres Calls Pregnant Drew Barrymore Fat

Ellen DeGeneres just might be the only person on the planet that is able to get away with calling a pregnant woman fat.

Backstage at the People’s Choice Awards, Ellen saw Drew Barrymore and greeted her by saying, “God, you’re fat!” And instead of crying or slapping the comedian, Barrymore and everyone else in the room laughed.

“The truth is your joke was super funny. The entire room was laughing.” Barrymore later told Ellen on her most recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. And she wasn’t just saying that for the cameras, she even tried to use the joke while she was presenting on stage at the People’s Choice Awards.

However, Barrymore is not a comedian and her explanation of the joke didn’t go over so well,


“I went out and thought I would try it myself and it just dudded, but you know, that’s okay because you just pick up and move on.”

During the interview with Ellen, Barrymore explained that she is comfortable with herself. She has more confidence with this pregnancy, “I’m bigger this time than my first time.” She told Ellen. But it doesn’t bother the 38-year-old actress, in fact she is embracing it.

As you can tell by the picture she recently tweeted after the Golden Globes. She captioned the delicious photo with,

“Post Golden globes pregnant pizza after party !!!!! #waitedallnight #canteatfastenough #mulberrypizzarules.”


I guess that’s why she is called “Barrymore” and not “Barryless”. Am I right?