William H. Macy Talks About His Horrible ‘One Direction’ Concert Experience (VIDEO)

We’ve heard several movie stars diss One Direction before. Remember last week when Mark Wahlberg said he wanted to beat the crap out of them?

Well, no diss against the boy band has been as good as William H. Macy’s diss on ‘Live With Kelly and Michael.’ The 63-year-old actor/father was asked about his two daughters while on the show and that’s when he started going off on One Direction.

He first explained how one of his daughters has a life-size cutout of Harry Styles in her bedroom. “It scares the sh-t out of me every time I walk in.” He said. And then Macy was asked if he had ever taken his daughters to a One Direction concert and that’s when the hilariousness started.

Watch the video down below to see William H. Macy mock One Direction’s dance skills,


Oh, that’s just great. Does he sound like a grumpy old man? Sure, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious. The only thing that could have made this clip better is if there was actual video of him at the concert.