Taylor Swift’s Reaction To Losing Album of the Year Is Priceless, Plus She Gives Us More Awkward Dancing

The cool thing about Taylor Swift is that she seems to genuinely enjoy every style of music. And another cool thing about Taylor Swift is she’s not afraid to get funky in public.

You see so many celebrities afraid to get out of their seat and have fun, but not T-Swift. No, she lifts her lanky body out of the seat and dances like no one is watching.

Take a look at some of her dance moves from last night…

Ah, yes. Here we have the “Gangsta White Girl” move. It’s basically the same move a referee makes to signal that the field goal was good.


And then she did this thing…I’m still not sure what it is.

And then she tried her best to break her neck during her “All Too Well” performance.

But Taylor Swift saved the best for last. You see, Taylor Swift really thought she was going to win ‘Best Album of the Year’ and when she didn’t, well, she finally showed us what her real shocked face looks like.

At least she still remembered to clap.