Snoop Dogg Smoked So Much Weed In Australia That Firefighters Were Called To His Hotel Room

We all know Snoop Dogg likes to smoke weed, but we didn’t know he smoked enough to make people think his hotel room was on fire.

The crazy incident took place last week inside Snoop Dogg’s hotel room in Australia. Apparently, he decided to relax and smoke some weed, but the plume of smoke he created caused panic inside the hotel.

According to police who talked with TMZ, “smoke from an unidentified source” set off a fire alarm inside the hotel room. Firefighters, who were already on scene, ran up to the room to make sure everything was alright.

Once they arrived, they found out things were more than alright. In fact, things were just peachy inside of Snoop’s hotel room.


Snoop posted the photo you see down below to his Instagram account. He captioned the photo,

“Fire dept Shut it down !!”



Is it just me or do these photos look like the start of some weird sex video?

Three firefighters, one incredibly high rapper and a floating head. Have you ever wanted to see Snoop Dogg drizzle all over Australian firefighters? Well, for the low price of $9.99, your dreams can come true!