Justin Bieber Intervention In Panama, Usher and His Mom To The Rescue

It looks like Justin Bieber’s naughty behavior has finally grabbed the attention of Usher. The 19-year-old singer went on a vacation to Panama over the weekend and most people thought he went there to continue being a douchebag.

However, it is now clear that the short trip to Panama was set up by his family and friends. Usher, Bieber’s mom, Scooter Braun and Ryan Butler all went to Panama to talk with the troubled pop star. And while the word “intervention” hasn’t been used by his friends, it’s clear that an intervention went down in Panama.

You can see Justin Bieber and Usher posing with the same fan in Panama,


It’s not clear what was said during the “talk” with Bieber, but we can only hope that the talk actually worked. Bieber can only use the “I am young!” excuse for so long.

There are several stars out there who are the same age as Bieber and they’re not doing the stupid sh-t he is doing. The problem with Bieber is he has so much fame and so much money that he thinks he’s invincible. Nothing bad can happen to him because he’s Justin Freaking Bieber.

As we all know, that’s not true. Can you imagine how f–ked up his life would be right now if he hit and killed some kid down in Florida? Yeah, it was four in the morning and you don’t expect a kid to be running out in the street, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

Hopefully someone did this during the intervention…