Beyonce Shares Revealing Photos On Tumblr, Shows Us Why Jay Z Fell In Love With Her

Jay Z is one lucky man and we have five incredibly sexy photos of Beyonce that prove it. The 32-year-old singer posted several photos to her Tumblr page the other day, and we have to say, she looks pretty damn fine.

In the photo down below, you can see Beyonce rehearsing for her Grammy performance,

Wouldn’t you just love to take a nap on dat a**? I’d just to like fall asleep on it and then hope she would let me lick off the drool when I wake up.

I’m sorry, Mr. Cosby. That was a little disgusting, even for me. Please accept my apology. Anyway, let’s get back to the photos of Beyonce…


What else is there to say? No one cares about what I am writing right now. Most of you are probably still transfixed by her glorious booty, and that’s fine.

But just remember, only Jay Z can touch that booty. You try anything stupid and he can probably have you murdered by the end of the day.