Is Eva Mendes Really Pregnant With Ryan Gosling’s Baby?

Oh, no. Did Ryan Gosling disappoint millions of women all over the world by getting Eva Mendes pregnant? That’s the rumor going around the internet today.

According to a report from Daily Mail, Eva Mendes revealed the surprising news to TSA personnel at LAX airport a few days ago. She reportedly refused to go through the body scanner because she was carrying Ryan Gosling’s child!

Perez Hilton also picked up the story and he seemed to believe it, “Yup! She said it with her out-loud voice!” He wrote in a post on his website.


However, it turns out the story is completely false! Gossip Cop is reporting that the words, “I’m pregnant” never came out of Eva’s mouth. She did refuse to go through the body scanner, but that’s nothing unusual. Sources say that she prefers to be hand checked,

“Eva never goes through the airport scanner and always elects to be hand checked.”

Crisis averted! Ryan Gosling is still a free man. Sure, he’s still “dating” Eva Mendes, but we all know that doesn’t mean a damn thing in Hollywood.