Mariah Carey Shows Off Breasts During BET Honors Performance, Revealing Photos Inside!

Mariah Carey has never been shy about showing off her body. Who could forget how the 43-year-old singer celebrated Christmas last year?

We think it’s safe to say Nick Cannon had a very merry Christmas. And now, two months later, we’re all getting a late Christmas present.

Mariah Carey performed at the BET Honors Saturday night in Washington DC and showed up looking like this…


Reportedly, she performed her brand new song, “You’re Mine,” but we’re sure no one was listening. How does she expect anyone to pay attention to the song when her breasts are about to pop out of her dress?

Good lord. I don’t know what to write. All I can think about is doing something like this…

Sadly, you will have to wait until February 24 to watch the performance on BET. I’d suggest you all go make the recording right now so you don’t forget. If the dress looks this good in photos, we can only imagine how amazing it looks on video.