Katherine Webb Shows Us What She Really Looks Like In Makeup Free Selfie

It all started with a 74-year-old man drooling over a 24-year-old woman during a football game. And now, millions of guys (and girls) all over the world are drooling over the beautiful Katherine Webb.

The former Miss Alabama became a household name after Brent Musburger noticed her in the crowd during the 2013 BCS title game. Webb’s professional modeling career has taken off since then and she even appeared in the 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Now that we have seen what Katherine Webb looks like with almost no clothes on. It’s time to see what she looks like with no makeup on.

The 24-year-old model posted the makeup free selfie you see down below to her Instagram account. “Feeling confident enough today to post this, finally” She wrote.


“I have quite a few imperfections too! Grew up feeling insecure and self-conscious about my skin and the white patches that cover half my body, but I don’t care what people think anymore. I just had to get really good at doing makeup.”

Oh, yeah, we’re sure posting this photo was just so hard for her. Give me a break! She looks better without makeup than she does with makeup. I’ve never seen a woman post a terrible makeup free photo. You can bet that if they’re sharing the photo, it’s going to look amazing.

The only time you see horrifying makeup free photos is when the celebrity is caught off guard. Paparazzi photos. No one is going to willingly post a horrible photo.