Old Photo Of Katy Perry Proves Being Rich And Famous Automatically Makes You More Attractive

We all know Katy Perry. We all know she has some wonderful boobies that like to bounce up and down. We all know she kissed a girl and liked it.

But did you know that she looked completely different before she became famous? Of course you did! Because every celebrity looked different before becoming famous. That’s why you’re always asking your friends, “Why do girls who look like her not live in our area?” Because they’re not real girls! They don’t exist, unless you’re rich and famous too.

We’re used to seeing Katy Perry look like this…

Right? No one at your local 7-Eleven looks like that. However, there is a good chance of seeing a girl at your local 7-Eleven who looks like this…


That’s Katy Perry! Before she could afford people to do her makeup and make her look the best at all times. A Reddit user posted the photo on Reddit a few days ago, he titled the post, “My roommate used to hang out with Katy Perry. Tonight he busted out this photo.”

Obviously, it’s not exactly fair to compare a topless photo with the photo you see above, but we just wanted to highlight what being famous can really do for you.

It’s magical, folks.