Jason Derulo Gives Jordin Sparks 10,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day

We’re sure Jordin Sparks “talked dirty” to Jason Derulo after he surprised her with 10,000 roses for Valentine’s Day. The 24-year-old singer surprised his girlfriend with the roses Valentine’s Day at the Redbury Hotel in Hollywood.

He posted the photo you see down below to Instagram with a caption that read, “10,000 roses fill this suite! I only wish I could’ve fit 10,000 more in here!”


I know there are probably a bunch of hearts melting right now, but let’s just think about this for a moment. 10,000 roses? Where the f–k are you going to put them? How are you going to move 10,000 roses? Rent a moving truck? It just doesn’t make any sense.

12 roses are hard enough to take care of. How the heck are you supposed to keep up with 10,000 of them bitches?



You know what this was about? Showing off. Jason just wanted to prove that he can afford more roses than you can. Buying 10,000 roses doesn’t show that you’re in love. It just shows that you have money and you like to spend it on incredibly stupid sh-t.

It’s kind of like buying someone 10,000 Marshmallow Peeps for Easter. 9,990 of them are going to end up in the trash! It’s just a waste.