Wow! Video of Ray Rice Dragging his Fiancé From the Elevator after he Knocked her Out!

Oh wow! If you haven’t heard by now, Ray Rice and his fiancée Janay Palmer were both arrested over the weekend in Atlantic City.  They were both charged with domestic violence.  As details emerged we learned that Janay spit in Rice’s face which resulted in him upper cutting her, knocking her unconscious.

Yep – that’s right.  The 5-8, 212 lb Rice, hit his baby’s mother with and uppercut knocking her dafuq out.  To put things in perspective, Mike Tyson in his prime was 5’10 and weighed 210 pounds, Rice is shorter giving him better leverage on an uppercut….I’m just saying.

Up until now Rice has been considered a good dude.  NO troubles that I can remember.  In fact I think this is the first time that he has graced the pages of TVST which is a good thing for most celebs. I found the entire story hard to believe…..UNTIL NOW. [more…]

Rice and Janay met in high school when she was just sixteen and she stayed with him all throughout college and even followed him when he went to Baltimore to finish up her studies.  In 2012 she gave birth to their beautiful daughter Rayven.  This is the Rice I knew




The footage released today shows Rice dragging Janay Palmer out of the freakin’ elevator.  She is clearly unconscious.  For a professional athlete, Rice appears to be struggling with her weight and at one point he dumps her on the floor where it looks like she might have hit her head.  Her feet are still in the elevator door way and it looks like he takes off her other shoe.  This is when Rice is confronted by what looks like and employee of the Casino and tries to pick Janay up again at which point she starts to regain consciousness.  He then leaves her in the doorway of the elevator and walks away slowly.

This was Valentine’s Day weekend.  Good Job Cupid!

You know the uppercut video is coming soon.  Not even sure if I want to see that….