Miley Cyrus Makes Out With Female Fan During Las Vegas Tour Stop (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus just can’t stop kissing girls! She’s touched tongues with a supermodel, she kissed Katy Perry during a recent concert in Los Angeles and she made out with singer Brooke Candy. Oh, yeah, and there was that time when she stuffed a fan’s dirty thong in her mouth.

It’s clear Miley Cyrus loves attention, and we’re going to give her more attention by showing you what she did in Las Vegas this weekend. The 21-year-old singer performed in Las Vegas Saturday night and got really close to a fan standing in the front row.

And by close, we mean their tongues were touching. This wasn’t a “sister” kiss like she gave Katy Perry. This was a make out session that both parties seemed to really enjoy.

Check out the video down below…


After the show, Miley Cyrus tweeted out a little thank you message to the fan, “Thanks for coming to the show mystery babe x.” She wrote on her Twitter account.

I think we now know why her engagement to Liam Hemsworth didn’t work out. He just wasn’t womanly enough for her.