NBC And Jimmy Fallon Are Playing Dirty By Sending Out Threats To Celebrities

According to multiple sources, NBC is doing everything they can to make sure Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show‘ continues to dominate in the ratings.

TMZ reports that multiple sources connected to several different television networks have told them NBC is playing dirty. Apparently, the network believes Fallon’s ratings are high enough to give them bargaining power. They sent out a threatening letter to celebrities, publicists and agents.

What was the threat? Well, NBC says that if a celebrity wants to go on Jimmy Fallon they can’t appear on any other network. And we’re not just talking about late-night shows. They don’t even want the celebrity to appear on morning shows on a different network.


They can appear on other shows that air on NBC, but not any shows from ABC or CBS. We’re not sure how this strategy of theirs will work, but we can’t imagine celebrities putting up with it for much longer. Yeah, Jimmy Fallon might be the king of the ratings right now, but celebrities would probably still reach more viewers if they went on Kimmel and Letterman, as opposed to just appearing on Fallon.

Plus, how long will Fallon’s success really last? He seems like a nice guy and all, but is he really that funny? Sometimes he has celebrities on his show doing funny skits, but has Fallon ever been funny by himself?

You can’t lip sync your way through life, Fallon.