Porsha Williams Gets NOTHING In Divorce Settlement With Kordell Stewart

It’s usually men getting screwed in divorce settlements, but that certainly wasn’t the case in Kordell Stewart’s divorce settlement with Porsha Williams.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star received basically nothing in the divorce settlement. TMZ obtained the legal docs, and they’re not pretty for Porsha.

The legal docs show that Porsha gets no house, no alimony, no cash-out, no health insurance, no NFL retirement money, and she even has to pay her own credit card balances. She’s lucky they allowed her to leave the place with shoes still on her feet.


We should note that she did get to keep her engagement ring and all her personal items; however, that’s a very small victory. Things are not looking good for Porsha at the moment. Not only did she get screwed in the divorce, but she’s also on the chopping block for the show!

Porsha might be hating life right now, but Kordell is probably enjoying life at the moment. He got to keep his two houses, his expensive cars, two plots of land and all his retirement benefits.

It looks like Kordell’s decision to change the locks on her broke a** was the right decision.