Seth Rogen Reveals The Long List Of Celebrities He Has Smoked Weed With (VIDEO)

Seth Rogen was on “Watch What Happens Live” Wednesday, and the host of the show Andy Cohen asked him to play a little game in a segment called, “Spill The Herbal Tea.”

“I’m going to go through a list of your co-stars and celebrity friends, you tell me if you’ve blazed up with them or not.” Cohen told Rogen. And since Rogen was probably high at the time, he agreed to play along.

You can view the video down below, but let’s first play a little game of our own. We’re going to list some of the celebrities Rogen was asked about, and your job is to guess if they have/haven’t smoked weed with him. Don’t cheat by watching the video first!


You know what happens to cheaters? They become rich and successful, but that’s not important! If you want to continue being poor and miserable, then continue to be an honest and respectful person. It will get you nowhere in life. Trust me.

Anyway, let’s get to the game.

James Franco? Y/N?

Paul Rudd? Y/N?

Jonah Hill? Y/N?

Sarah Silverman? Y/N?

Willie Nelson? Y/N?

Barbra Streisand? Y/N?

How many of you guessed “yes” on James Franco? It’s a little shocking to hear he doesn’t smoke weed. I guess he was just born with that stoned looked on his face.