Jessica Biel Shows Off Her Bikini Body While On Vacation With Justin Timberlake

Let’s start out with the good news. There are several pictures of Jessica Biel in a bikini down below. The bad news? Justin Timberlake is still the only one getting to tap ‘dat a**.

It looks like the breakup rumors were false because the happy couple went on vacation together in Barbados last week. They took the trip to celebrate Biel’s 32nd birthday. Justin Timberlake planned the entire trip as a late birthday gift for his gorgeous wife.

They reportedly stayed at a private villa near Sandy Lane resort. Timberlake and Biel first started dating back in 2007, got engaged in 2011 and married in 2012.

Justin made a wise decision by locking this up…


It certainly looks like she is a happy woman. There doesn’t appear to be any signs of trouble in paradise. And if Timberlake is as smart as I think he is, there will never be any trouble in paradise.

Don’t mess up a good thing, Timberlake.