Kardashian Sisters Are Bikini Happy In Thailand, See All The Revealing Photos Inside!

The Kardashian sisters are heating up Thailand. Khloe, Kim and Kendall showed off their bikini bodies in Thailand a few days ago.

We’ll get started with Kendall Jenner and work our way up from there. The 18-year-old Teen Choice Award winner posted the bikini photo you see down below, with a caption that read, “knocked out in the fiercest way”


Not bad, right? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet! Khloe Kardashian said I see your string bikini photo and raise you a sexy swimsuit photo.



But wait, there is more! Kim Kardashian decided to step in and throw all her bikini chips out on the table. The 33-year-old mother posed for a few photos for a friend while at Phang-Nga Beach.


Who do you think won the bikini battle? Kim Kardashian won it for me. Who knows if the photo has been altered in any way, but to be honest, I don’t really care.

I know we just finished praising Lorde for calling out her Photoshopped pictures. However, it’s different with the Kardashians. The only reason they are famous is because they look good in a bikini! They don’t have the talent Lorde has. Their career depends on them looking fabulous at all times.

So, I don’t feel any shame treating them like the Barbie dolls they are.