Ruben Studdard Kicked Out Of Singapore McDonald’s After Dumping Corn Cup On Employee

We all remember ‘The Velvet Teddy Bear’ from American Idol. The man with all that soul inside of him. The man who left so much sweat on stage after singing that the janitorial crew had to come out and mop before the next contestant came on.

The 35-year-old singer looks a lot different now than he did 10 years ago on American Idol. Ruben recently lost 112-pounds by becoming a contestant on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”


“I have much more energy. But I’ve always felt I was sexy [laughs]. Maybe that’s just the conceited side of me.” He told Billboard magazine.

But sadly, it looks like Ruben had a big setback at a McDonald’s in Singapore. The incident happened a few days ago, right before the singer was scheduled to return back home. Apparently, after he was finished performing in Singapore, Ruben walked inside a McDonald’s to grab a “cheat meal.”


“He ordered a Big Mac and a large order of fries.” Cherilyn, a customer who was at the McDonald’s, told reporters. “The employee recognized Ruben and asked him, ‘You sure you need all that?'” She added.

And that’s when Ruben became defensive, “He yelled at the guy, ‘Don’t tell me what to eat! Who are you?! Who are you?!'” She recalled. After that, the employee dropped the conversation and took Ruben’s ordered. However, things turned violent when Ruben received his order.

“He opened the bag of food and pulled out apple slices, a burger without the bun and a corn cup. He looked so mad, very angry. I didn’t know what he might do, so I went to the other side of the restaurant.” Cherilyn said.

According to the witness, Ruben shoved the food back in the bag and walked up to the counter. He began cursing at the employee, and then assaulted him with the corn cup.

“It was terrible. Just terrible. He pulled out the cup of corn and dumped it on the employee. ‘F-k you! Who the f–k do you think you are?'” He allegedly yelled at the employee. It took four people to drag Ruben out of the restaurant. The employee is considering pressing charges.