Taylor Swift Leads Group Of White People In Horrible Dance Routine

Has anyone noticed I’ve used, “White People” in the title of two posts this morning? Maybe it’s not the Five Percent Nation who dislikes white people. Maybe it’s me, maybe I hate myself!

And honestly, I think we should all hate white people after Sunday night’s dance party at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas. The madness first started when Darius Rucker performed ‘Wagon Wheel’ with Lady Antebellum.

We are positive you’ve heard the song on the radio. You should know that your body automatically starts moving when you hear it. Some evil spirit, who doesn’t understand embarrassment, takes over your body and makes you move in ways no one should ever move.


What the f–k is that? Taylor Swift is obviously dancing to a different song than the rest of the crowd. And that woman in the sparkly dress off to the side. What is going on there? Why did she even get out of bed in the morning?

Of course, this is not the first time Taylor Swift has let that dancing spirit take control of her body.

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