‘The Blind Side’ Star Quinton Aaron Kicked Off Plane For Being Too Big

We all remember Quinton Aaron’s brilliant performance as “Big Mike” in The Blind Slide. The 29-year-old actor touched our hearts with his performance in the film, but now Quinton needs to focus on his own heart.

The 6’8″ 550 lb. actor has been struggling with his weight for a while now, and after being embarrassed on a recent flight, he’s ready to make a change. The actor was kicked off a US Airways flight for taking up an extra economy seat.

He told ABC News that he usually flies first class, but on this connecting flight between Philadelphia and Rochester, there weren’t any first class seats available. He was forced to take up two seats in economy.


“As I saw the seats, I’m literally hoping that no one had to sit next to me because I knew it wasn’t going to work if they did.”

Sadly, another passenger approached the seat and Quinton was forced to book another flight. “I just grabbed my bag and just got off as quick as possible because it was embarrassing.” He admitted.

And even though this event might make some overweight people run back to their friends Ben & Jerry. Quinton is using this embarrassing situation as motivation.

“I live in California. I want to go to the beach in the summertime with a tank top on and have girls chasing me down the beach one day.”

Good luck, man! It’s more likely they will be climbing you instead of chasing you, but anything is possible! Keep dreaming.