Jillian Michaels Is Reportedly Done With The Biggest Loser, Wants Off The Show!

According to multiple reports, Jillian Michaels desperately wants off the NBC reality show. As you may remember, ‘America’s Toughest Trainer’ has already left the show once. She just recently came back in 2013 because the show was starting to decline in the ratings.

A source told PEOPLE the following…

“She is deeply concerned about the direction the show has been taking. She is turned off by the mean-spirited story lines and poor care of the contestants.”

The final straw was the controversy surrounding season 15 winner, Rachel Frederickson. Many fans of the show believe Rachel lost too much weight. Some professionals even called her weight loss dangerous. She dropped down to 105 pounds for the season 15 finale.


Jillian wasn’t happy about it, and she doesn’t feel like the show actually cares about the contestants.

“Michaels wants to distance herself from the Biggest Loser brand. Especially considering what happened with Rachel, her feeling is that there isn’t proper attention paid to the contestants’ health or wellness.”

The source also adds that Michaels is tired of playing the villain on the show.

“The show uses her as the bad guy, and anyone who knows Jillian knows she’s not the bad guy at all. She’s a loving mother of two kids. She’s not the negative person they portray her as,” says the source. “She wants to be in a place where she has more respect.”

That’s interesting because I’ve never viewed her as the bad guy. I didn’t watch the show last season, but before that, Jillian always came off as the most sincere. The reason she yelled so much was because she actually cared.

Hopefully she does leave the show. We hear Quinton Aaron needs some help.