Maybe They Aren’t So Bad After All: Paris Hilton On ‘I Get That a Lot’ (VIDEO)

Welcome to the first edition of, “Maybe They Aren’t So Bad After All.”

Every week we will ransack the internet to find videos of hated celebrities. The goal is to find a video that will help change your opinion on the celebrity. A video that shows the softer side of the chosen celebrity. A video that proves they are humans too!

This week we are going to focus on Paris Hilton…

Why People Hate Paris Hilton: Spoiled, rich, lazy, sex tape, that’s hot, stupid, baby voice, fake, narcissist, superior and bitchy.


There are other reasons, but we are trying to keep this post family-friendly. Most people hate Paris Hilton because they believe she’s an incredibly stupid person who hasn’t had to work hard a day in her life.

Well, what if we told you we have a video of Paris that just might change your mind? Are you interested? Good. Way back in 2010, Paris Hilton went on a CBS reality television special called, ‘I Get That a Lot.’

And believe it or not, she actually dropped her act. The annoying baby voice was gone, and she actually made fun of herself, which proves she’s not as stupid as people think. She also proved to everyone watching that she does indeed have a heart.

Bonus: Eddie Winslow makes a special appearance.

You see! Maybe she’s not so bad after all.