Selena Gomez’s Parents Shocked Over Firing

selena gomez

Since Selena Gomez started out on Disney, her career has been managed by her mother Mandy Teefey and step dad Brian Teefey. All that changed when it was announced on April 10 that Selena had given her parents the ax, in favor of going with a larger talent agency.

The Teefey’s were reportedly shocked with the decision, stating that Selena gave them zero notice before letting them go. Mandy reported that the issue had been discussed previously, but thought it was just talk due to some friction in their relationship.

Despite that, her parents deny that friction was the cause of the termination, stating that Selena just wanted a larger agency. While they weren’t happy with the decision, Mandy Teefey reported she respects her daughter’s right to choose to go with a different manager, and will continue to work with on several upcoming movie projects with her.