Internet Goes Crazy Over Baby Who Looks Exactly Like John Legend

An adorable baby named Caden now knows what it’s like to be an internet sensation. The baby’s aunt posted a photo of her adorable nephew on Twitter earlier this week.

She posted the photo (seen down below) with a simple caption,

“My nephew looks like John Legend.”

That’s it. That is all she wrote, and just hours later the photo went viral.

As you can see, she wasn’t kidding! That baby does look exactly like John Legend. Well, it’s not a 100% match. I also see a little bit of Jaden Smith in there. Let’s just hope he takes after Uncle John, and not Uncle Jaden.


Anyway, the photo went viral, which forced John Legend to dig out his old baby photo for comparison.


What the heck is baby Legend crawling on? It looks like someone put a Dr. Seuss character in a blender, and then scattered the poor thing over the floor.

But yeah, the baby actually looks more like John Legend as an adult. Their baby photos really don’t look that similar. Oh, and if you are thinking about tweeting this photo to John Legend’s supermodel wife…don’t do it!


Damn, okay! Calm yourself down! Just look in the mirror and remember how incredibly sexy you are. It will all be okay.