73-Year-Old Roberto Cavalli At The Beach With His Young Girlfriend Is The Most Disgusting Thing You’ll See Today

Are you ready for your Friday to be ruined? We certainly hope so. Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli is 73-years-old, out of shape, and he looks like a retired hobbit.

But you know what? None of that matters because he’s still having sex with a hot model. Cavalli has been with his 20-something model girlfriend for a while now, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

I’m sorry. I can’t do it, folks. How do you even write a serious story about this? It’s f–king ridiculous! Does she actually think people believe she enjoys cuddling up to that thing every night? Oh my god. I mean, she’s a hot girl in a bikini and I am not even remotely turned on right now.


All I can think about is her poor mouth having to take in Roberto’s dilapidated penis. She must really be in love…with money. She might as well stick with it now. He’ll be dead in a few years, and she’ll finally be rewarded for all her hard work.

Honestly, these bikini photos are not nearly as disgusting as the ones last year.

Hahahaha! Her parents must be so proud. It’s not often a beautiful girl like that decides to become a professional caregiver. She clearly has a heart made of gold. It will pair nicely with that gold necklace Roberto’s going to buy her after he accidentally sh-ts the bed one night.