Justin Bieber Detained For Several Hours At Los Angeles International Airport

What did Justin Bieber do this time? No one knows, but the 20-year-old pop star was questioned for nearly four hours yesterday at Los Angeles International Airport.

It all started early in the afternoon yesterday. Justin Bieber was returning back home from Tokyo on an Air Singapore flight. Once he touched down in Los Angeles, he was detained and questioned for nearly four hours by U.S. Customs.

Like we said, we are not sure why he was being questioned. Maybe the agents just wanted the Biebs to sign some autographs for their kids?


E! News reports that he was finally able to leave the airport at around 6:20 p.m. PST. He had four bodyguards with him, and it’s a good thing he did.

Every paparazzo in the state was waiting for him outside the airport. There were even a few loyal fans who were waiting for Bieber to leave the airport. One fan told reporters that she would “actually die” if she didn’t see her idol.

We’re not sure if that girl is still alive today. It might have been hard to actually see Bieber with all the grown men following him around with cameras.