James Franco Shares Nude Paintings Of Seth Rogen On Instagram

James Franco and Seth Rogen seem to share a special bond. It’s more than just your typical, “Hey we were in a movie together!” relationship.

They have a special connection with each other. A connection that we can only dream of having with our best friend. James Franco continued to rub that in our faces the other day when he posted nude paintings of Seth.

Apparently, the 36-year-old star took a break from banging 17-year-olds, and decided to let his penis recovery by painting his best friend nude.



Lovely, right? I have never thought of Seth Rogen in a sexual way before, but that Sleepy bear photo is just making me warm inside. Who wouldn’t want to spend six months hibernating with that thing? Count me in!

James Franco also promised there would be more Seth Rogen paintings to come. We’re not sure if he will have any clothes on in the next round of pictures. Hopefully he doesn’t.

I think James Franco getting an Instagram was the best thing that has happened on the internet since 2 girls 1 cup.