Emma Stone Takes Her Lip Sync Battles Seriously, Makes Jimmy Fallon Look Silly! (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon might be lacking in the “interviewing” department, but you can’t deny the man knows how to have fun. Fallon had another lip sync battle with a celebrity last night, and the video of the battle is quickly going viral.

All thanks to Emma Stone’s incredible performance. She showed up at “The Tonight Show” prepared to win. The little redhead shocked Jimmy Fallon and the audience with her impressive lip syncing skills.

She performed Blues Traveler’s “Hook” and then completely won over the audience with an epic rendition of “All I Do Is Win.


Pretty impressive, right? Yeah, she looked absolutely insane during the performance, but we think that only added to the adorableness of it all.

Hopefully Jimmy Fallon brings all the fan favorites back for a Lip Sync Battle Tournament. We would love to see Paul Rudd go up against Emma Stone.

I love dorky white people.