Beyonce’s Sister Solange Physically Attacks Jay Z Inside Elevator (VIDEO)

This might be the strangest video of the year. Beyonce’s sister Solange unleashed a ferocious attack on Jay Z at a Met Ball after-party. The shocking attack took place in an elevator, and TMZ managed to obtain surveillance video of the strange incident.

In the video down below you can see Solange, Beyonce, Jay Z and a bodyguard enter the elevator. Right as the doors close, Solange begins her attack on Jay Z. She can be seen punching him, slapping him and even kicking him. There was no method to her madness. It was just a wild attack.

Two things to note

  1. It’s one long ass elevator ride
  2. Her best shot is at 3:10 when they are getting off the elevator – that probably did some damage!

Check it out down below…


Crazy sh-t, right? We do not know what started the fight, but this is Solange we’re talking about. She’s not quite as classy as Beyonce…

…okay maybe the entire Knowles family could use a little more class. Anyway, like we said, no one knows exactly what started the fight. We do know that Jay Z left in a separate vehicle. Beyonce and Solange left in a black car together.

Back on May 7, Beyonce shared this interesting prayer on her Instagram account…

“Lord, I lift up every one of my relationships to You and ask You to bless them. I pray that each one would be glorifying to You.”

Let’s hope the Lord purchased that FedEx First Overnight package. This family needs their prayers answered fast!