You Will Not Believe What Kanye Gave Kim Kardashian For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always special, but this past Mother’s Day was extra special. Why? Because it was Kim Kardashian’s first Mother’s Day! The greatest mother in the world!

And what do you get the greatest mother in the world? Well, if you’re Kanye West, you get her a huge wall of roses!


How f–king terrifying, right? I know we “hate” on the Kardashians a lot, but this has nothing to do with hate. The gift just looks absolutely hideous! Honestly, I am actually afraid of this thing.

It doesn’t even look like a wall of roses. It looks like someone dipped a lot of toilet paper in some dirty toilet water, and then mashed it all together.


It’s just not aesthetically pleasing to look at. But who are we to judge? Kim Kardashian seemed to enjoy it. She posted a short Instagram video showing off the wall of roses.

I don’t get it, folks. Maybe it looks better in person? Some people don’t take good pictures, you know? Perhaps a wall of roses just needs to be appreciated in person.