Justin Bieber Accused Of Attempted Robbery Following Brawl At Batting Cages

Justin Bieber is right in the middle of yet another police investigation. The 20-year-old singer was being investigated yesterday after an unnamed person accused the pop star of trying to steal her cellphone.

The attempted robbery happened Monday night. Sgt Paul McLaughlin (I don’t find it very funny) told reporters the incident took place just after 10 p.m. Monday night. No more information was released by the police though.

However, TMZ is reporting that it all started after Bieber and his friends got into a fight at the batting cages. A fan captured this image of Bieber hitting balls at the batting cage sometime late Monday night.


The alleged victim told the gossip site that Bieber and his friends got into a fight with several other people while at the park. She apparently reached for her cellphone to take photos, and that’s when the Biebs stepped in and tried to snatch it away from her.

According to the woman, Bieber reached down in her purse and started to wrestle with the woman. After a brief struggle, he managed to grab the cell phone out of her hands.

The only problem for Justin? The phone was locked. He gave the phone back to her and demanded that she unlock her phone to see if she took any photos that might make him look bad. She claims his aggressive behavior made her 13-year-old daughter cry.

Oh, Bieber! When are you going to grow up? If you and your friends get into a fight in a public place, then you better be prepared for someone to take photos. It’s not like this woman came to your house and started snapping pictures. Maybe if you stopped being such a jackass all the time you wouldn’t have to worry about people taking photos of you.