Sherri Shepherd’s Ex Claims She Is A Terrible Mother, Says Their Son Can’t Even Tie His Own Shoes!

Oh, damn! This Sherri Shepherd drama is getting personal. Jeffrey Tarpley, Sherri’s ex-husband, claims The View host is a terrible mother. He filed an emergency request back in April to modify the couple’s custody arrangement. He’s now asking for full custody of their 9-year-old son.

According to Tarpley, Sherri constantly neglects her special needs son. He can’t tie his own shoes and he can barely write. She allegedly leaves her son with unqualified nannies, which makes him fall behind in school. Tarpley even claims his son has a low self-esteem because the poor kid still has to wear Velcro shoes.

But wait, there’s more! The angry father also claims Sherri hasn’t even taught their son how to care for himself. Apparently, lack of hygiene has become a huge problem.


Jeffrey says he is desperate for help. He lives in California and Sherri lives in Jersey with their son, so he says his hands are tied. (No pun intended.)

We should note that Sherri has filed her own documents in response. She claims Mr. Tarpley is just an absentee father who doesn’t deserve to be in his son’s life. The judge did deny Tarpley’s emergency request, but he did set a hearing in July to settle the dispute.

All this drama came before Sherri’s current husband, Lamar Sally, filed for separation. Lamar is also asking for full custody of their unborn child, so it looks like the 47-year-old mother will have to fight two battles in court.

Good luck to her. She has a lot on her plate.