Jessica Alba Lookin’ Good In Tiny Bikini On Entertainment Weekly Cover

Now that Jessica Alba is a married mother of two, we don’t see her rock a bikini quite as often as we’d like. So, you can just imagine how excited we were to see the 33-year-old actress showing off her bikini body again on the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

She rocked the cover of the magazine with a tiny white bikini. And even though she is clearly a sex goddess, she told the magazine that she is actually a prude in real life.

“I didn’t have a lot of experience, so at first it was all kinds of weird. I’m kind of a prude, and I didn’t really understand. They would always ask me provocative questions about my sexuality, my this or that.”


Alba even admitted to lying about herself during interviews.

“Sometimes I would lie and say something that wasn’t true to make myself seem more interesting that I was. I mean, I didn’t even know how to walk in heels until I went to the Golden Globes for the first time.”

That’s okay, Jessica. This model can’t walk in heels either.