50 Cent Throws Out Horrible First Pitch, Blames It On Curtis Jackson (VIDEO)

Carly Rae Jepsen? You are off the hook. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson just threw out the worst first pitch in recent memory. The 38-year-old rapper claims to be a big baseball fan, but we have our doubts.

50 Cent stopped by the New York Mets game yesterday to throw out the first pitch. He had a special concert scheduled for after the game, but before he grabbed the microphone, he was forced to grab a baseball.

It wasn’t pretty, folks. Not even Vitamin Water can fix this pitch.


How embarrassing. How is it possible to miss your target by that much? If I was that bad at throwing the baseball, I’d just refuse to throw the first pitch. There is no rule saying you have to throw the first pitch. It’s not like they were going to cancel his concert if he didn’t throw it.

Fake an injury or something, man. You can’t embarrass yourself in front of thousands of people like that.