Did Justin Bieber Really Hook Up With Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima?

We can hate on Justin Bieber all we want, but the 20-year-old superstar has some major game. We already know he’s taken Selena Gomez for a test ride multiple times. He almost convinced Paris Hilton to sleep with him, he’s really close to this Instagram beauty and now he’s banging a Victoria’s Secret model?

According to several sources, Bieber and Adriana Lima hooked up at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month. As most of you know, Lima just recently broke up with Marko Jaric several weeks ago.

Not only is Adriana a beautiful model, but she’s also 12 years older than Justin Bieber! She’s 32-years-old. Sources say their unexpected romance started back on May 20. Bieber apparently had his eyes on Lima the entire night. “Justin pursued her hard. They were talking nonstop.” A source told Us Weekly.


That same source told the magazine Bieber and Lima went home together at around five in the morning. Bieber posted this photo with the model to his Instagram account.

“I think she foreign, I think she foreign.” He captioned the photo.

How the hell does he do it? I don’t understand it. Do girls not care about the douchebag factor? Because his douchebag factor is through the roof.

Maybe it’s a fetish. These chicks might enjoy catching Bieber saliva in their mouth.