Justin Bieber Seeks God After Racist Scandal, Gets Baptized In Bathtub

Justin Bieber doesn’t really care if you forgive him or not. All he cares about is his relationship with the Lord. The 20-year-old sinner is trying his best to strengthen his relationship with the bro in the sky.

Back in May, when Bieber learned a man was threatening him with the videos, he reportedly spent a week in church. Praying and doing intense bible study with pastor Carl Lentz. We’re not exactly sure what qualifies as “intense” bible study, but we can only assume it involved some planking and burpees.

After studying the bible, Bieber decided he needed to be baptized. The special baptism was allegedly performed in a bathtub of Bieber’s friend.


Why was it performed in a bathtub? Well, because when Bieber was trying to find a church, his cover was blown. He wanted to keep everything private. Justin now believes he is back on track with God, and that’s the only thing he cares about.

But is his relationship with Usher still strong? Usher responded to the racist videos by releasing the following statement…

“As I have watched Justin Bieber navigate difficult waters as a young man, I can tell you that he hasn’t always chosen the path of his greatest potential, but he is unequivocally not a racist. What he was 5 years ago was a naive child who did not understand the negative power and degradation that comes from playing with racial slurs. What he is now is a young man faced with an opportunity to become his best self, an example to the millions of kids that follow him to not make the same mistakes.”

It looks nothing will hurt Bieber’s career. Maybe he really is invincible. I mean, can you imagine if this happened to a young country artist? Let’s say Hunter Hayes was caught telling the same joke on video at just 14-years-old.

His career would be over! He would have been forced to move out of the f–king country. Why? Because he sings country music, and everyone knows people involved with country music are racist.

Bieber is getting off easy.