Lupita Nyong’o Shows Off Toned Body In A Strapless White Bikini (PHOTOS)

Mondays are always tough, but you know what makes them a little better? Heroin. No, no, I am just kidding. Bikini photos of gorgeous celebrities make Mondays better.

This week, we have bikini photos of the incredibly talented actress Lupita Nyong’o. She went on vacation in Hawaii last week and made jaws drop with her strapless white bikini.


You are looking at an Oscar winner right there, folks. She certainly looks Oscar-worthy. The 31-year-old actress also had a little fun with the paparazzi while she was on vacation.


She posted this photo to Instagram, with the caption, “The paparazzi: They got me good!!! #FirstPapStakeout #ZoomLensesSuitableForHorrorFilm”


I guess his camouflage hat didn’t work as well as he expected. But we would like to thank this man in the obnoxious t-shirt for taking photos of Lupita on the beach.

If he hadn’t been there, we would have never seen ‘dat a** in a bikini.