Rumors of Infidelity in the Griffith/Banderas Split

2004 Cannes Film Festival - "Shrek 2" - Party


Now that Melanie Griffith has filed for divorce from hubby Antonio, rumors are starting to fly. One such rumor ties him to Expendables 3 co-star Natalia Burn. Burn has denied the rumors stating;

I know he mentioned he had some problems [in his marriage]. In Cannes he was saying that he was trying to fix the marriage … He’s deeply in love with her… In Cannes he was sad which is why he told people and how much he wanted to work it out. When he said it he was upset and obviously going through a rough time

Griffith filed for divorce on June 6, citing irreconcilable difference and requesting child support, spousal support and joint physical custody. She and Banderas had been married for 19 years.

This will be Griffith’s fourth divorce and Banderas’ second.

She’d probably wishing she’d chosen a different tattoo now.