Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Back Together AGAIN? Bieber’s Mysterious Instagram Photo Sparks Debate

Oh my god. When is it going to end? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have to be the most confusing couple in the world. They have been off and on more times than a light switch in an OCD household.

We thought it was over for good when they split up this last time. It appeared like they had finally moved on and realized their relationship wasn’t healthy or productive. Bieber was seen flirting with several girls, and Selena Gomez was finally getting back to her old self.

But we don’t know what to think now. Justin Bieber posted the photo you see above to his Instagram account the other night. He allegedly captioned the photo, “Our love is unconditional.”


He deleted the photo shortly after posting it to Instagram, and his reps refuse to talk about his personal life, so we have no idea if the two pop stars are back together. However, it’s clear Bieber still has feelings for Selena. You don’t post a photo and message like that if you’re trying to move on.

If Justin and Selena are back together, we know of at least one person who wouldn’t be happy about it.

You see those eyes? Those are crazy eyes. Don’t mess with crazy, Selena. You better keep your best friend happy. Forget about Justin.