Jay-Z and Mariah Carey Launch their own $1.99 Quarter Waters!

Kevin “Big Money” Liles continues to mash the biggest names in hip hop with the biggest names in corporate America.  This time it’s Jay-Z and Mariah Carey and Walgreens.  The endeavor is being backed by a new brand which also just so happens to be a Liles creation, called Go N’Syde.

When Walgreens executives asked Liles for some ideas on how they can be seen as more then just a Pharmacy  he decided to take two huge names and have them reign in two separate demographics.

For the women, Maiarh’s drink is called Butterfly. It’s a pink mix that is aimed at the urban, chic fashion forward lady.   And Jay’s drink is dubbed 40/40 after his now famous chain of night clubs, and if you can imagine it’s aimed to pull in anyone who is a fan of the Jay-Z brand and a self proclaimed hustler.  How cool are you drinking a Jay-Z drink?




Both drinks have already been launched and selling about 1,000 bottles per week.  At a cost of$1.99 per bottle…ummm….sounds a little like small change.   Of course like anything Liles does, there is plenty of cross promotion. If you purchase one of the beverages you can aim your smartphone at the container and call up a content platform for each artist.  [more…]Basically you get to “Go N’Syde” and get a closer look at the artist.  Get it?  Go inside.   BOOM!!

Liles describes it as having your products talk to you, he tells,

“We have great tasting beverage, But the second part of it is providing a new network for the brands or icons to communicate with their fans. I call it disrupting the consumer packaged goods industry by having your products actually talk to you.”

Liles also provided additional insight on how the deal was structured.  When Liles approached Maria and Jay the deal was done by the two superstars  forming their own companies around each beverage and Go N’Syde acting simply as the distributor. This means that everyone is getting P-A-I-D.

Liles confirms this during his interview with Forbes stating, “Every time people buy a bottle, they get paid,”….as in Royalties.

close up of Butterfly and 40/40

That is what we call a Billion dollar deal.  For those who might not realize, not only is Jay-Z worth $520 Million but Mariah is close behind at $510 Million.  Liles who can’t sing or rap is doing ok for himself coming in at $60 Million.  So even if this entire idea goes South, nobody will suffer. Also if you notice from the 40/40 bottle there is no mention of Jay-Z.  This is the same reason why Jay Z won’t be seen on “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.  He doesn’t want to oversaturate his Brand.  He definitely stays winning.

And the person who is really winning in all of this is……..NICK CANNON!!