Jimmy Fallon Forces Kevin Hart To Ride Roller Coaster, Hilarity Ensues (VIDEO)

Kevin Hart showed a lot of heart Tuesday. He and Jimmy Fallon have a huge fear of roller coasters, but they both faced their fears for our entertainment.

The dynamic duo went to ride the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. For those who have not been lucky enough to visit Universal Studios (me), this is what the roller coaster looks like…

As you can see, it looks absolutely terrifying. And we’re looking at from our average height, can you imagine how tall that thing looks to Kevin Hart?


But Kevin Hart couldn’t finagle his way out of this. “Think Like a Man [Too], We’ve gotta act like a man. We manned up!” Fallon told the audience.

We’ll give them credit for actually riding the beast, but we’re not going to give them credit for manning up.

There was nothing manly about this video. I’m surprised Kevin could still talk after all the screaming he did. The last time Hart was that high in the air, he was getting a free piggyback ride from Shaq.

Better to receive than to give.

That should be assault with a deadly weapon.