Cops Respond To Call At Selena Gomez’s House, Neighbors Pissed!

Selena Gomez has only been back with Justin Bieber for a week now, and she’s already worrying her friends with her reckless behavior.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ cops were called to the 21-year-old singer’s house after neighbors complained about the loud noises. The call came in at around 11:30 PM, sources say Selena’s party got way out of hand.


One extremely pissed off neighbor told the gossip website the noise was so loud that her windows were rattling.


No arrests were made, but cops did give the pop star a warning. Officers demanded they turn down the music or be prepared to face the consequences.

Selena’s friends are worried about her. She apparently told her family she was back with the Biebs because he allegedly cleaned up his act, but they are not buying it. And why should that? Since taking Bieber back, Selena has been a party machine.

Staying late at the club with Justin, and now throwing insane parties at her house? It’s not looking good. Selena’s not addicted to drugs or alcohol. She is addicted to Justin Bieber, and sadly, there’s no rehab for that.

Be gentle with her, Bieber. Don’t ruin her completely.