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R. Kelly Finally Addresses Transgendered Daughter who wants to be a son (Video)

So a few weeks ago R. Kellys’ daughter, Jaya basically came out and revealed that she is a he or at least wants to be a he really really bad. Jaya is only 13 and revealed on Instagram that she has been identifying herself as a boy since she was 6 or 7 years old.

Since then, Jaya has been taking to Instagram and her ask.fm accounts answering questions regarding her decision including even doing an interview with inTouch Weekly. During that interview she revealed that R. Kelly was not aware of her transition but that her mom, record exec Drea Kelly, was not only aware but supportive. She said during the interview,

[My mom] was like, ‘Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, [lesbian], you name it and I would still love you so much. She was very proud of me, I was like, ‘Thank you mum for accepting the fact that I’m a transgender,’

“And same with my sister, she told me that she was proud of me, and respects me by calling me handsome and calling me her little brother now, and I love her for that, so you know it was great for me.” [more…]

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During a radio show in his home town of Chicago, Kelz was not all happy about the questions that came at him regarding his daughter however I think he handled it with a certain level of class.

The co-host of the show, started the questioning by asking R. Kelly to address the rumors that he…quite frankly wasn’t addressing the rumors. Kelly explained,

“Well, you don’t really want to open this up with saying my daughter is becoming my son,”

When the host explained that she was just asking about what she read In the blogs, Kelly’s reply was:

“I know, but don’t even give the blogs that kind of credit. But as far as that’s concerned, always believe what you see—with your own eyes that is. That’s the best way to go about this business I’ve heard a lot of things about a lot of people and it was never true.”

Huh? Maybe R. Kelly doesn’t have an Instagram or internet access but this is a little more than just rumors at this point. Your daughter is wearing a binder around her chest. Kellz appears to be complexly in the dark about the whole thing, or at least that is what he would like the public to believe. This way he gets less questions.


The singer also addressed the rumors that he foreclosed on his house because of financial issues. He basically said he was downsizing because it was too much house. He referred to it as a “Money Furnace”. He also said that selling it was a decision he made so his kids could have money for college.

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Last time I checked Kelz was worth $150 Million. I believe college is covered. Not to mention the house was eventually foreclosed on.

The entire interview is awkward. WGCI FM’S morning show is headlined by the super-old guy you see in the video named Tony Sculfield who is way too old to be talking about Hip Hop, and the big smiley faced chick in the middle is Nina Chantele, who during the entire video is waiting for R. Kelly to pee on her next. This video is why radio is radio and not TV.

Imjustsayin……..Here is the interview…..