Jillian Michaels leaves ‘The Biggest Loser’ Again and Two New Trainers Join!

After last year’s crazy weight loss shocker, we knew that Jillian Michaels had had enough.  Now it’s official.

After Season 15’s winner Rachel Frederickson appeared to be a bag of bones during the finale, Jillian was stunned, mortified and then angry.  She said that she was concerned about the direction the show was taking.

Rachel who was trained by Dolvett, basically lost 155 lbs which was more than half her body weight.  Although the show has checks and balances for contestants, they somehow overlooked Frederickson’s insane progress.  This did not fit well with Michaels.

Jillian has been busy outside of The Biggest Loser on a U.S. speaking tour called “Maximize Your Life”.  It’s a Tony Robbins type of 90 minute speech where she empowers the audience, giving them a new sense of self confidence.  It’s not just about weight loss but overall self improvement.  In order to promote her brand sources say that she is trying hard to separate herself from the tainted “Biggest Loser” brand.  During an interview Jillian said regarding Rachel’s weight loss, [more…]

Anybody who gains too much weight or loses too much weight… these are manifestations of the same issue.  It simply means that somebody is utilizing their relationship with food to manage emotions that are painful, hard, difficult to face or control.”

From the look of Rachel – I think Jillian was 100% right. YIKES!!

Rachel Frederickson dramatic before and after


Introducing Jennifer Widerstrom and Jessie Pavelka.

That’s right, there will now be 4 trainers on the ranch; Dolvett and Bob Harper aren’t going anywhere.

Pavelka is from a Lifetime show called DietTribe and Widerstrom is  former American Gladiator Phoenix. You might not recognize here without the flaming red hair.

Not to minimize either of the trainers, they are both accomplished fitness experts in their own rights and will definitely make this upcoming season a little more interesting.  The challenge is, can they get super fat people to lose crazy weight, while producer throw curve balls in the mix.




A rep from NBC welcomed the two newbies with a statement,

‘We are excited to welcome Jessie and Jen into The Biggest Loser family, and know they will be valuable players on this life-changing show that continues to inspire millions of people to embrace a healthy lifestyle.  We look forward to viewers meeting them and to revealing more great changes we have in store for the new season.’


I’m definitely looking forward to it.  I was tired of Jillian and she wasn’t’ really getting the job done.  I thought I missed her but when she came back, I was sick of her pretty quick.  She lost her edge and really didn’t know how hard to push the contestants anymore and for that reason she couldn’t’ get the most out of her team. Bob and Dolvett have been battling over the last couple of Season’s and although Dolvett can be overly sappy he’s still a good fit for the show.

Season 15 will premiere on September 11th.


  1. Heaviest Peak Weight  – 646 lbs
  2. Biggest Percentage Weight Loss Male – Dany Cahill 55.58%
  3. Biggest Percentage Weight Loss Female – Rachel Frederickson 59.60%
  4. Most weight loss in one week – Moses Kinikini 41 lbs!
  5. Lightest Finishing weight – Rachel Frederickson 105 lbs