Watch Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy Both Act like They Planned to Leave The View.

This is what I waited all last week for. I wasn’t sure if they would even make a return appearance but they did…and it was great.

This is why I love Whoopi. Although I feel she is underutilized on the show, today she did what Whoopi does…she got right down to business. She started off the show by addressing what everyone was thinking about and had been gossiping about all week – Sherri and Jenny getting the axe.

Whoopi started started things off by saying,

We’re sitting here, and there’s a giant neon pink gorilla in the room, We’re going to deal with it.’


Jenny has been with The View for less than a year. She joined the show on September 9, 2013 so it hasn’t been that long. She jokingly told the audience that her and Sherri getting fired was all a joke, and in fact the two were staying. This shocked and delighted the crowd until Jenny confessed that she was joking….but it wasn’t funny (and probably why she is getting booted from the show – she is not as funny as she thinks). Jenny then confessed, [more…]

“Actually it’s true. Let me tell you what is going on. I am so grateful to have worked with Barbara Walters in her last year, along with many producers and co-hosts,’ the beautiful blonde began.

Then she took a dig – not sure if it was at Barbara Walters or herself,

‘Upon consideration, I took a new job which allows me to do what I do best, which is talk without interrupting anyone.’

‘I love the fans that supported us, so stay tuned—even if it does compete with The View.’

Then came the tears…..


Sheri was the opposite of Jenny (no not overweight and black, I meant emotional), she started the show in September of 2007, which explains why she so broken up. So much so, that she had to put her assessment of the situation on the teleprompter and you could hear her telling them to keep rolling as she read from the prompter verbatim. She tried to make it sound like she planned to leave the entire time despite the rumors that negotiations actually fell through. She implied that she had no intentions on renewing her contract and didn’t say anything to anyone earlier as she didn’t want to steal Barbara Walter’s shine, Fighting back tears, the 47 year old comedian explained,

A lot of producers have known since the spring that I didn’t intend to return after my contract ends in August,’

‘I didn’t want to discuss anything in my personal life because I didn’t want to do anything to distract from Barbara Walters and her [retirement] celebration in May.’

‘You know I’m a woman of faith, and seven is the number of God’s completion. I’ve been here seven years, and my time with The View is complete.

She hinted that she had something she’s been working on and said that she would return to promote her work.

Of course we have the clip!!


I am not a Rosie fan….at all. I dislike her for a variety of reasons – two that come to the top of my mind is “fat and obnoxious”. She has no idea what she’s talking about and her shtick is dried up. She is like a female, un-funny Ralph Cramden and no one wants to see that on daytime TV. Her show on OWN was short lived and if she comes to The View it will be short lived as well. You can quote me on this. Whoopi and her are too big of personalities to share that table and things won’t go well. TMZ reports that she is discussing money and terms with the program executives and if her demands are met she will be rejoining the cast.  Oh Joy.

Rating will be high because everyone likes watching a good train wreck and that’s exactly what that would be. Let’s just hope they don’t take Sarah Palin’s request to be on the show too seriously.  That would turn The View into “The Viewed”.