Did RHOA’s Apollo Nida Snitch his way to an 8 Year Reduced sentence?

Although Mama Joyce might win the RHOA’s must recent dummy award after Kandi’s wedding on Sunday, we quickly forget about Apollo…that is until we see his stupid face as a groomsmen on Sunday.  I know all you saw that lame ass, “I Love You” he said to Phaedra before they separated from their walk in the wedding.   Too little, too late Brutha!!

No matter how much Phaedra tries to defend this man, he continues to be a disappointment.  She had me even rooting for him at one point; I was somewhat convinced that he had turned himself around.

Now it has all come to a head and his official sentencing is in.


Apollo received an eight year sentence on charges of bank, mail and wire fraud and ID theft.  The eight year sentencing is considered light given the offenses.  The former felon could have easily received 30 years but by pleading guilty and surrendering, he was able to lighten his load.  That, along with spilling criminal secrets, helped him shave off some years.  By pleading guilty he saved tax payers a ton of time, money and resources.

Spilling criminal secrets is slightly different than snitching.  This involves revealing technique not people. Particularly how he was able to con the federal government to turn over other people’s money to him. [more…]


For those who care about the details of the crime, you will see that Apollo is not as dumb as he looks…or maybe everyone else is not as smart as we think.  Apollo basically found unclaimed funds and refunds and set up fake bank accounts in fake names to claim that money.

He then set up an entire fake car dealership and received loans for cars that never existed.

Special Agent Alexandre Herrera summed the entire thing up nicely in a sworn Affidavit,

Nida “knowingly and willfully (did) execute and attempt to execute a scheme to defraud federally insured financial institutions by depositing stolen and fraudulently obtained checks and fraudulently obtained auto loan proceeds into bank accounts opened in the stolen identities of real persons, and conspire with others to do so, and knowingly convert to his use and the use of others stolen and fraudulently obtained United States Treasury Checks,”

These checks included retirement checks issued to Delta Airline employees that were never claimed.


An ex criminal, named Gayla St. Julein basically snitched on Apollo.  Once she was caught she let the feds record phone conversation with Appolo where they discussed details of fraudulent money coming in.


Good question.  Apollo won’t just get off with 8 years, he will also have to pay restitution.  He will have a hearing on July 17th where he will learn just how much he will have to pay back to the victims involved.

If Phaedra stays with him that to me will indicate that she knew what was going on, and he is protecting her.  If she dumps his ass, which she should, then I would believe she had no idea that any of this was happening.  I would like to think that she was clueless – as an attorney she would know that the things that were going on would lead to this, and her sons would lose both their mother and their father.


Apollo is a career criminal.  I will have to quote Oprah & the late great Maya Angelou,

When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” 

And to Apollo – Don’t drop the soap.  But you already know that.